HTC One-on-one with iPhone 5S

  iPhone 5S HTC One® Consumer Benefits


4-inch 4.7-inch Better viewing of photos, videos, movies and more.


1136 x 640
1920 x 1080
In general, the higher the resolution, the sharper the image.
Aperture f/2.2 aperture f/2.0 aperture The lower the aperture number the more light is captured.
Camera 8 MP
1.5 micron pixels
UltraPixel Sensor
2.0 micron pixels
Larger pixel size provide better low light performance.
Slow motion video 120 frames per second 96 frames per second The more frames captured gives a truer depiction of slow motion.
Flash True Tone Flash Smart Flash Flashes can allow you to take pictures in low light environments you might not be able to use otherwise, and can change your shot, both for better or worse.
Modes Burst Mode - 10 fps High speed
Continuous Shooting - 8 fps
Better action shooting, useful for settings such as sports.
Front-facing camera 1.2 MP 2.1 MP
Ultra wide angle lens (88 degree viewing angle)
A front-facing camera with more megapixels generally produces more detailed “selfies”, group shots and video call images.
Photo viewing Photo App: Moments, Collections, and Years — smart groupings of photos and videos based on time and place. HTC Gallery: Live gallery of pictures and videos based on events, albums and photos. Videos and still images in one place, grouped by album or event. Easy and more enjoyable way to view your pictures.
NFC No Yes Easy sharing of photos, contacts and documents with other NFC phones, quick pairing with NFC-enabled Bluetooth devices.
Battery 10 hours talktime on 3G / 250 hours standby 18 hours talktime on 3G / 500 hours standby Battery claims depend on network configuration. Actual results will vary.
Voice Command/ Intelligent Assistant Siri Google Now Search the web or device with simple voice commands.
Audio Single speaker Dual front speakers with built-in amps Stereo speakers provide a better experience when viewing videos.
Infrared port N/A Sense TV Use your smartphone as your TV guide and remote control.