Official Smartphone Ratings
"After weeks of dominating both charts' HTC's One has established itself as the undisputed champion in PhoneDog's Official Smartphone Rankings program"

— Aaron Baker, Phone Dog

It's one of the best phones ever made.

— Fortune Magazine

"with an HTC One and BoomSound, you can actually leave behind your portable speaker and enjoy quality audio without a headset."

— Matthew Miller,

"The HTC has a handsome, sturdier, aluminum body, dual stereo speakers, an excellent camera, better screen resolution than the new Samsung".

— AllThingsD - Walt Mossberg, Wall Street Journal

HTC One vs. iPhone 5 1080p Video Camera Comparison
"The HTC One just blew the iPhone out of the water. The video was much more crisp, the colours were way more vibrant and noticeable, the microphone was WAY better than the microphone on the iPhone."

— Luke DiMarco

"This is absolutely one of the best smartphones ever built. The metal case is gorgeous and the design is so sleek that it’s difficult to put into words."

— ljtroy2, The Woodlands, TX

HTC One Review
"The HTC One is the best Android smartphone in the world - period."

— Johnathan S Geller, Boy Genius Report

"The most amazing speakers I have ever listened to on a phone."

— Johnathan S Geller, Boy Genius Report

The HTC One Deserves Its Place in the Spotlight
"There's a picture of the HTC One next to "gorgeous" in the dictionary"

— David Pogue, New York Times

An absolutely gorgeous phone. The screen is amazing, the sound is unreal. The camera is awesome. Call quality is great. HTC hit a grand slam with this phone!!! Yes, I recommend this product.

— ljtroy2, The Woodlands, TX

"Zoe looks impressive, but require nothing of the user, it's all done automatically."

— GSM Arena

"Arguably the best top-tier Android on the market, the HTC One is gorgeous, full of extras and great for music lovers."

— Jessica Van Sack, Boston Herald

"The HTC One arrived about an hour ago and I am already in love."

— Natalie Zina Walschots