Assigning a PIN to help protect your SIM card

Assigning a PIN to help protect your SIM card

You can help protect your SIM card by assigning a PIN (personal identification number) that you enter before accessing your SIM.

  1. On the Start screen, slide to the left.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Flick left to go to applications, and then tap phone.
  4. Tap the SIM security On/Off switch to turn it on.
  5. When you're asked to enter the default SIM card pin, enter 1111, and then tap enter.
  6. To change the SIM card PIN, tap Change SIM PIN, and then enter a new PIN.

Restoring a SIM card that has been locked out

If you enter the wrong PIN more times than the maximum number of attempts allowed, your SIM card will become ​“‍PUK-locked.”

Important: You need a PUK code to restore access to your SIM card. You can get this code by calling Verizon Wireless customer service.
  1. On the Phone dialer screen, enter the PUK code, and then tap enter.
  2. Enter the new PIN, tap enter, and then reconfirm the new PIN.
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