After capturing

After capturing

After taking a photo or video, you can view it and others you've captured without leaving the Camera app. You can also choose what to do with a photo or video, such as upload it to SkyDrive or share it on a social network.
  1. While on the Viewfinder screen, tap or flick right.

    You'll see the photo or video you last captured.

  2. If it's a photo, slide two fingers apart or together if you want to zoom in and out of a photo.

    If it's a video, tap the play icon to view the recording.

  3. Tap to see options of what you can do with your photo or video.
  4. Slide two fingers together to change to filmstrip view. Flick left or right to browse through your photos and videos.
  5. To continue capturing, slide your finger left until you're back on the Viewfinder screen.
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