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  • Troubleshooting Common Issues After HTC ThunderBolt™ Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Update 4.2.13

    If you are encountering some issues after the recently upgrading your HTC ThunderBolt to Ice Cream Sandwich, here are some frequently used troubleshooting articles highlighting the steps and processes that can help you improve the experience on your device.

    Wiping Cache Partition

    Before booting into Recovery to wipe the cache partition, ensure that fast boot has been turned off:

    1. Tap Menu
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Tap Power
    4. Uncheck the box for Fast boot.

    Once fast boot has been turned off, reboot into Recovery to wipe cache partition:

    1. Power off the device
    2. While holding down the Volume Down button, press the Power button. The device will boot into the bootloader which is a white screen with 3 Androids at the bottom screen.
    3. Using the Volume Down button, select RECOVERY
    4. Press the Power button to select the option. Device will reboot into a black screen with a red exclamation mark in a red triangle atop a device.
    5. Press Volume Up and Power button to get into the Recovery menu.
    6. Using Volume Down button, highlight the Wipe cache partition option.

    NOTE: Be sure that Wipe cache partition is highlighted. Do not choose Wipe data/factory reset as this will result in loss of data!

    7. Press the Power button to select the option.
    8. When the process, is complete, ensure that Reboot system now option is highlighted.
    9. Press the Power button to select the option and reboot the device into the OS.

    If the above steps do not help you resolve your issue, we have specific articles for that might be helpful. Click on the FAQ category and look for the specific question that is listed below for more information.

    Messaging > Why is SMS loading slowly after updating my device to Ice Cream Sandwich and what can I do to speed it up?
    Multimedia > My photos are missing after upgrading my device to Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). What can I do?

    If, after reviewing and following the instructions, your device is still encountering the issue, please contact our HTC Customer Care at +1-866-449-8358. They are available 08:00 - 01:00 EST (7 days a week).

  • Getting to Know Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) on Your HTC ThunderBolt™ 2.5.13
    Recently upgraded your HTC ThunderBolt™ to Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) and have some questions about it? Here’s an in-depth article that explains what’s new and different with the Android OS: HTC ThunderBolt™ 7.02.605.06 710RD: What's Different and New?

    If you are looking for the user manual, you can download it here: HTC ThunderBolt™ User Manual (ICS)
  • HTC ThunderBolt™ Software Upgrade Instructions 4.2.13

    This software update (Build Number: 7.02.605.10 710RD) is now available for your HTC ThunderBolt.

    Before you proceed, please confirm that this software upgrade to 7.02.605.10 710RD is a newer version than what is currently loaded on your device.  If it is the same version, there is no need to reload the software.  Navigate to the Home screen then tap Menu > Settings > About phone > Software Information and locate the Software number.

    WARNING: During the upgrade process the device will reboot multiple times and show software upgrade screens.  Do not remove the battery as this will stop the update and your device may be rendered inoperable!

    Getting Started

    Before you proceed with the update, make sure you have done the following:

    • Your device is currently running Software number 7.02.605.06 710RD. If you are running older software, please contact Customer Care.
    • Set aside approximately 11 minutes to allow the device to update.
    • Connect the device to a charger.
    • Ensure the battery is charged to at least 25%.

    Installation instructions

    1. From the home screen, tap Menu
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Tap Software update
    4. Tap Check new
    5. You will be notified that new software is available. Tap OK to start download.
    6. Once the update is completed, tap OK to proceed with the software installation.

    7. Installation will begin and device will reboot several times during the installation process.
    8. Once the installation completes, device will start up on its own. Once you unlock your device, you will be greeted with a pop up box. Tap OK to dismiss the notification

      You will be able to use your device. Congratulations, your device has now been updated to 7.02.605.10 710RD.

      Important Information

    • If you choose the Defer option, you will have to set a date and time to start the process. You can also manually install by going to Settings > Software update > Install deferred SW and choose Yes for the pop box that appears.
    • If the system update fails to install, you will get an error screen. However, this only means the software did not install properly. Remove and re-insert the battery and power the device back on. The device will power back on with original software and will prompt you once again to install the system update.
    • If your battery level is too low, the installation will not proceed. You will need to charge your device until it has enough battery power to continue. The update will not proceed if you less than 25% battery life left.
    • If the device is in roaming condition, it will not able to initiate any software update connection including network initiated or user initiated session. The Check new option in Software update will be grayed out.
    • To identify your software information, you can go to Settings > About phone > Software information. After performing the update, it should show 7.02.605.10 710RD.