Checking your Mail inbox

Checking your Mail inbox

When you open the Mail app, it displays the inbox of one of your email accounts that you’ve set up on HTC Vivid.

To switch between email accounts, tap the bar that shows the current email account, and then tap another account.

Viewing the unified inbox of all your email accounts

You can view email messages from all your accounts just in one place without having to switch to different accounts.

Just tap the bar that shows the current email account, and then tap All accounts. Email messages are color coded so you can easily distinguish which email accounts they belong to.
Note: Up to 15 email accounts can be shown in the unified inbox.

Switching between different views of your inbox

Do you have lots of email messages? There are more ways than one to view your inbox.
Tap one of the following tabs:


Displays email messages as individual items.


Displays email messages as conversations, grouped according to the subject line. Tap a subject in the list to show the email conversation.


Displays all email messages from a contact group. To choose which contact group to display, press , tap View, and then select a group.


Displays unread messages.

Marked (Exchange ActiveSync only)

Displays all flagged messages.

Invites or Meeting invitations (Exchange ActiveSync only)

Displays meeting invitations which you have not yet accepted or declined.


Displays all messages that have attachments.

Manually refreshing an email account

Whatever your sync settings are, you can also sync your sent and received email messages manually at any time.

  • While viewing an email account, press , and then tap Refresh.
  • If you have several email accounts, you can refresh them all at the same time. Go to the All accounts inbox first. Then press and tap Refresh.

Sorting email messages

You can sort email messages by date received, priority, subject, sender, or size.

On the inbox, press , tap Sort, and select from the sorting options.
Tip: To quickly scroll through the message list, press and hold two fingers on any email message, and then drag upward or downward.
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