How to get and install updates

How to get and install updates

From time to time, software updates may be available. Your phone can check and notify you if there’s a new update.

Although your phone notifies you ​“‍over the air” (through your phone's Internet connection) when an update is available to download, the actual software update is not carried out over the air. You need to connect your phone to your computer to download and install an update.

Setting the type of connection to use for checking updates

Check if your phone has been set to notify you about new updates. Also choose the type of connection you want to use for checking updates.
  1. On the Start screen, tap .
  2. Tap Settings > phone update.
  3. Make sure the Notify me when new updates are found check box is selected.
  4. Choose whether to allow the use of your phone’s data connection to check for updates. If you disable the use of the data connection, your phone will only check for updates over Wi-Fi or when it's connected to your computer.
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