Opening and navigating web pages

Opening and navigating web pages

Internet Explorer® Mobile makes it quick and easy to surf the Web on the go. By using tabs, you can open multiple web pages and switch between them quite easily.

Opening a web page

  1. On the Start screen, tap Internet Explorer.
  2. Tap the address bar, and then enter a web address. As you type, Internet Explorer will suggest possible matches.
  3. If you see the site you're looking for, tap it. Or tap on the onscreen keyboard.

Using tabs to open multiple web pages

You can open up to six separate browser windows (called "‍tabs"‍ in Internet Explorer) simultaneously. Tabs make it easy to hop between sites.
  1. In Internet Explorer, tap > tabs.
  2. Tap to open a new tab. A blank browser screen then opens.
  3. On the new browser screen, go to a website that you want.

Switching between tabs

  1. In Internet Explorer, tap > tabs.
  2. Tap the thumbnail that shows the website you want to open.

If you no longer need to view a website, you can close the tab by tapping .

Sharing a link

When you see a website that you like, you can easily tell your friends about it by sharing its link. You can send the link in your text or email message. Or post it in your social networks.
  1. While viewing the website in Internet Explorer, tap > share page.
  2. Choose how you want to share the link.

    If you chose to share the link in your social networks, enter your message, select which networks to post on, and then tap .

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