Using your phone as a mobile hotspot

Using your phone as a mobile hotspot

Want to share your Internet connection with your laptop or another device? You can turn your phone into a mobile hotspot by sharing your cellular data connection over Wi-Fi. Other Wi-Fi enabled devices can then use your shared data connection to connect to the Internet.
  • To share your cellular data connection, this feature must be enabled on your current phone plan. This is also known as tethering and often costs extra.
  • When you and other people use the shared connection on another device, it uses data from your cellular data plan. Please be aware of any data limits you have on your plan, so you don't get charged extra.
  1. On the Start screen, tap .
  2. Tap Settings > Internet Sharing.
  3. Tap the Sharing On/Off switch to turn Internet Sharing on.
  4. Tap setup, and then change these settings:
    Broadcast name Enter a name for your mobile hotspot. This is the name that other people will see and use to connect to your shared connection over Wi-Fi.
    Security type Select password required (WPA2) to set up your mobile hotspot as a secured network. Or select none (open) to grant access to anyone.
    Password If you chose password required (WPA2), enter a password that's required to connect to and use your shared connection.
  5. Tap to save your settings.
When you tap the top of the screen to see the status bar, you'll see the Internet Sharing icon while you're sharing your cellular data connection.
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