Taking a panoramic photo

Taking a panoramic photo

Whether it’s the Golden Gate Bridge or the Eiffel Tower, you can capture anything wide or tall in a single photo. The camera lets you take up to three shots to create your panoramic photo.
Important: When you're using panorama mode, zooming, flash, touch focus, and touch capture are not available. Settings such as brightness and exposure are set to auto.
  1. While on the Viewfinder screen, tap > Panorama Shot.
  2. While pointing the camera on your subject, hold your phone steady. Align the dotted line with the solid line onscreen.
  3. When you're ready to capture the first shot, press the CAMERA button.

    A message then appears, guiding you in what direction you should move to take the next shot. As you move, directional arrows appear.

  4. Using the directional arrows, dotted line, and circles onscreen as your guidance, pan left or right in landscape view (or pan up or down in portrait view). When the ring reaches and centers on the next circle, the camera automatically takes the shot.
  5. Do the same thing to take the last shot.
The camera stitches your shots into a single photo.
Tip: Press the CAMERA button or tap anytime if you want to stop taking more shots. The camera stitches only those shots that were captured.

Tap to view the panoramic photo you've just taken. If you want to delete it and start over, tap > delete.

Press the button to quit panorama mode and resume the normal photo mode.

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