Texting and chatting in one place

Texting and chatting in one place

With the Messaging app, you can both text and chat in one place.

Whether your friends and family are on their mobile phone or at their computer, you can send them text messages, Windows Live instant messages, or start a Facebook chat.

  • To chat on Messenger, you need to set up your Windows Live account first.
  • To chat over Facebook, you need to set up your Facebook account. Also, make sure to turn on Facebook chat in the Messaging app's settings.
  1. On the Start screen, tap Messaging.
  2. If you want to send an instant message over Windows Live Messenger, set your chat status first, if you haven't done so.
  3. Tap .
  4. Tap , choose a contact, and then tap the contact's phone number, Messenger, or Facebook to determine how you want to send the message.

    Repeat to add more recipients, and their names will be added automatically in the To box.

  5. Tap the box that says type a message, and then enter your text.
  6. Tap to send it.
When adding recipients, you can also:
  • Tap , and then select a contact group. The Group text option in the app's settings is turned on by default and can help keep replies in one thread when you're texting with a group of people. When it's turned on, replies are sent as multimedia messages instead of text messages.
  • Begin typing a person's name in the To box, and then tap a matching contact name. The contact info you choose or enter determines if the message is sent as a text message or instant message over Messenger or Facebook. Repeat to add more recipients.
  • Enter a mobile phone number or email address in the To box. To enter additional recipients, tap Enter after each one.

Setting your chat status

  1. On the Start screen, tap Messaging.
  2. Tap , and then tap a status.

    For example, tap available to sign in so that your family and friends will see you online in their Windows Live Messenger.

Tip: You can also set your chat status from the Me card.

After you set your chat status and sign in, you'll see who's online in the Messaging app. Tap a contact to send the person an instant message.

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