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What can I do during a call?

What can I do during a call?

When a call is in progress, use the onscreen buttons to turn the speaker on, put the call on hold, and more.

Turning the speaker on during a call

Warning: To decrease potential damage to your hearing, do not hold your phone against your ear when the speaker is on.
On the call screen, tap speaker.

To turn the speaker off, just tap speaker again.

Putting a call on hold

On the call screen, tap hold.

To resume the call, tap hold again.

Switching between calls

If you’re already in a call and accept another call, you can choose to switch between the two calls.
  1. When you receive another call, tap answer to accept the second call and put the first call on hold.
  2. To switch between the calls, tap the bar at the top of the screen.
  3. To end the current call and return to the other call, tap end call.

Muting the microphone during a call

On the call screen, tap mute.

To turn the microphone back on, tap mute again.

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