Using speech on your phone

Using speech on your phone

Make a call, send a text, or find a place by simply using your voice.
Important: The speech feature may not be available in some countries or regions.
  1. Press and hold .

    If this is your first time to use the speech feature, the screen will display some examples of things you can say. After reading the examples, tap accept (or tap speak).

  2. Say an instruction, for example:
    • To call someone in your contact list, you can say Call Jennifer Singer, mobile.
    • To open an app such as Calendar, say Open Calendar.
    • To search for something on the Web such as pizza parlors, you can say Find pizza parlors.
    • If you need help, say What can I say? to view or listen to the various types of voice instructions you can use.

Turning on more speech commands

You can turn on additional speech commands in the settings, such as saving and dialing speed dial numbers. You can also set your phone to read aloud text messages and allow you to dictate your reply message without typing.
  1. On the Start screen, tap .
  2. Tap Settings > ease of access.
  3. Tap the Speech for phone accessibility On/Off switch to turn on additional speech commands for phone calls. You'll be able to use these commands:
    Save speed dial To assign a speed dial number
    Call number To call a speed dial number
    Turn call forwarding on/off To turn call forwarding on or off
  4. Press to return to the settings list.
  5. Tap speech.
  6. Make sure the Play audio confirmations switch is turned on. This makes your phone speak aloud to inform you of incoming phone calls.
  7. To make your phone read text messages to you, tap the Read aloud incoming text messages box. Choose whether you want your phone to read text messages all the time, or only when you're using a Bluetooth or wired headset.
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