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    Can I use a storage card with my phone?
    Your device does not support an external storage card.
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    Why does it take so long to charge my device using USB?
    The USB cable acts as a trickle charger so it will take longer than if you were using an AC charger. While the USB will work, it is recommended to use the AC charger, especially if the battery level reaches 10% or below.
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    What is battery saver and how can I use it?
    When enabled, battery saver will automatically turn off services that are known to quickly drain the battery. You can turn on battery saver manually, or set it to turn on automatically when the battery is low.

    To access battery saver:

    1. Go to the Applications list and tap Settings.
    2. Tap battery saver.
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    My device has gotten warm and appears to have stopped charging. What is happening?

    When using the device for prolonged periods of time, such as when you're talking on the phone, charging the battery or browsing the web, the device may become warm. In most cases, this condition is normal and therefore should not be interpreted as a problem with the device.

    The device has a protection feature that if the device becomes too warm (due to use of GPS while charging, Bluetooth while charging, etc), the auto protection feature will be triggered and the charging process will be stopped. Once the device cools down, the device will then begin charging again.

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    How do I check my remaining battery life?
    The battery indicator at the top of the screen will give you a visual estimate of your remaining battery life. For a more specific reading:

    1. Go to the Applications list and tap Settings.
    2. Tap battery saver.
    3. Your battery info is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

    NOTE: The Estimated time remaining field is based on low to moderate usage. If you are doing activities such as playing video/audio, playing games or consistently using your device, your battery will drain faster.
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    How long should it take to charge my battery?
    Your battery can take up to 3 hours to fully charge using the AC charger. It will take much longer using the USB as that is the trickle charge function. When the battery is fully charged, LED located on the upper left of the device will be a solid green.
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    My battery doesn’t stay charged for very long. What can I do to preserve power?

    There are a few settings that you can change on your device that will preserve battery life.

    * Turn off radios that you are not actively using such as Bluetooth and WLAN/Wi-Fi.
    * Lower the settings for your Backlight.
    * Turn off any unnecessary audible notifications (email, SMS, etc.)

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