• 1:
    Dial a contact
    In People, tap the desired contact and then tap the number to be called.

    Place a call using Voice Command
    Press and hold the Start button until you hear the beep -- clearly say "Call

    Check voicemail

    Tap Phone from the Start screen or Applications menu and then tap the Voicemail Icon.
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  • 2:
    Check voice mail messages

    1. Tap Phone from the Start Screen or all Applications list.
    2. Tap the voicemail icon.

    Set the message priority for an email
    While composing an email:

    1. Tap the ellipsis (…).
    2. Tap priority
    3. Choose the level (high, normal or low).
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  • 3:
    General Tips
    Switch to/from sleep mode
    Press the Power button (located on the top of the device) once.

    Put the device in Silent mode
    Press and hold the Volume down button until silent or vibrate is displayed in the upper-right of your screen.

    You can also enable flip for speaker in Settings > attentive phone, allowing the ringer to be silenced by simply placing the phone face down on a table.

    Personalize the ringer options
    Tap Settings from the Applications list and then tap attentive phone. Choose from a variety of options to customize the ringer:

    * Quiet ring on pickup
    * Pocket Mode (louder ring while in a pocket or purse)
    * Flip for speaker
    * Flip to mute ringer

    Change font size to see more/less content on the screen
    Use the zoom in/out options to increase/decrease the size of the onscreen text.

    Access the Camera
    Press the Camera button (lower right side of the device), or tap Camera from the Start screen or Applications list.

    Switch between Camera capture modes;
    Tap the icon in the upper right corner while in the Camera application (landscape mode) to switch between camera and camcorder modes.

    Zoom in/out of a picture
    While viewing a picture full screen, use pinching motions to zoom in and out.

    Change the sleep/timeout settings

    1. Tap Settings from the Applications list.
    2. Tap Lock + Wallpaper.
    3. Edit the Screen times out after field as desired.

    Change the backlight settings

    1. Tap Settings from the Applications list.
    2. Tap Brightness.
    3. Move the Automatically adjust slider to the Off position.
    4. Edit the Level field to the desired backlight setting.
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  • 4:
    Master Windows Phone
    Leaping Letters

    Need to quickly locate a person or App (if available) on your device?
    Simply tap a letter in People or your App list to skip quickly through alphabetical entries and directly to a contact or app.

    Pin it

    Need quick access to picture albums or email folders?
    Now you can pin picture albums and email folders to Start for quick access. Find the album or folder, then just tap and hold to choose that option.

    Group think

    Need to text a large group of people at once or contact the members of your book club?
    Text your kids or book club with fewer taps by making them all part of a custom group, a new feature in Windows Phone.

    Rock your lock

    Want to see what is playing on your Lock screen?
    See the artist you're rocking to on your phone's Lock screen. Go to Settings > Lock + wallpaper, and select this option.

    Photo fix

    Overexpose a shot?
    Tap and hold a pic, then choose the Auto-fix option.

    Face tagging

    Did you know your phone can help you tag faces in photos you share?
    Look for "Who's this?" and then just type the person's name.

    Name that tune

    Curious about a song on the radio?
    Next time you're curious about a song on the radio, hold up your phone, press the Search button, then tap Music.

    Spot editing

    Having typo troubles?
    Tap and hold a text box until the large cursor appears, then drag it to the problem spot.

    Pop up punctuation

    Where can I quickly find the right punctuation mark?
    Tap and hold the period key to see a pop-up menu with other popular punctuation marks.

    Quick fix

    Make a mistake while typing?
    Tap a misspelled word to see suggestions from the built-in dictionary. Tap a suggestion to swap it in.

    Tap and hold

    Want the real secret to Windows Phone?
    Tap and hold. Use it to expose hidden menus, rearrange Tiles, pin stuff to Start, and much more.

    Copy and Paste

    How do I copy and paste?
    There are two ways to copy text: by highlighting the text or by using the menu option. You can highlight text in a web browser, in Office documents, and in the body of email you've received. You can also highlight and copy text from anywhere you've typed it, including text messages you're writing, Calendar appointments you're editing, a contact card, and your comments on Facebook.
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  • 5:
    Rotate the screen to landscape view
    Rotate the device to landscape mode.

    Zoom in on a webpage
    Make an outward pinching motion on the screen to zoom in.

    Zoom out on a webpage
    Make an inward pinching motion on the screen to zoom out.

    View different parts of the webpage
    Tap and hold your finger on the touchscreen and drag the page.
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  • 6:
    From the Start Screen
    Return to the Start Screen
    Press the Start Button to return to the Start Screen.

    Customize the Start Screen

    1. Tap Settings from the all Applications list.
    2. Tap theme.
    3. Choose your desired background (light or dark) and accent color.

    Customize the Lock Screen background image

    1. Tap Settings from the all Applications list.
    2. Tap lock + wallpaper.
    3. Tap change wallpaper.
    4. Choose the photo you want to set as the wallpaper. You might need to crop the image if it is too big.
    5. Tap the check icon.

    Switch to other open applications (multitasking)
    Press and hold the Back key on any screen, then scroll to and tap the desired application.
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  • 7:
    Calendar and Contacts
    Add a new calendar entry

    1. Tap Calendar from the Start Screen or all Applications list.
    2. Tap the plus icon to create a new event.
    3. Enter the necessary information.
    4. Tap the save icon.

    View or edit a calendar appointment

    To view and appointment:

    1. Tap Calendar from the Start Screen or all Applications list.
    2. Navigate to and tap the appointment.

    To edit an appointment:

    1. Tap the edit (pencil) icon.
    2. Make the necessary changes.
    3. Tap the save icon.

    Delete an appointment

    1. Tap Calendar from the Start Screen or all Applications list.
    2. Navigate to and tap and hold the appointment.
    3. Tap delete.
    4. Tap delete again to confirm.

    Create a contact from Call History

    1. Tap Phone from the Start Screen or all Applications list. (Call history is the default view).
    2. Tap the number you want to create a contact for.
    3. Tap the save icon.
    4. Tap the + icon.
    5. Tap the desired contact type (Outlook, Windows Live, etc.).
    6. Verify the phone number and phone number type and tap the save icon.
    7. Enter any other information for the contact such as name and tap the save icon.
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  • 8:
    Type a single uppercase letter

    Tap the Up arrow (shift) on the keyboard followed by the letter to be capitalized.

    Type all uppercase letters
    Tap the Up arrow (shift) twice on the onscreen keyboard to enable All Caps. The key will appear bold.
    NOTE: To disable All Caps, tap the Up Arrow (shift) once.

    Enter a number or a symbol
    Tap &123 on the keyboard to access numbers and symbols. To access more symbols, tap the right arrow on the keyboard.
    NOTE: Tap the left arrow to return to the previous symbol page.

    Access accented letters
    Press and hold on the letter and select the accented letter from the pop up
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