About the keyboard

About the keyboard

Besides making it easy to make phone calls with the keypad, you can enter text, numbers, and symbols using the hardware keyboard. The input mode you are currently using is displayed in the status bar.

Keyboard keys

Press these keys to enter uppercase letters, numbers, special characters, and symbols, as well as open the Camera app or send messages:

Shift key

  • Press once and then press a letter key to type that letter in uppercase.
  • Press twice to lock the key and type a series of uppercase letters. The cursor changes when you lock the Shift key: .

    To unlock the key, press once again.

Alt key

  • Press once to type the character shown beside the letter or punctuation keys. For example, if you need to type the dollar sign ($), press , and then press the U key.
  • Press twice to lock the key and type a series of numbers and characters. The cursor changes when you lock the Alt key: .

    To unlock the Alt key, press once again.

  • To select a different keyboard language and access hardware keyboard settings, press , and then press .
  • To open the Camera app, press , and then press .
  • To send a message in email, text messaging, Friend Stream, or Facebook chat, press and then press .

Symbol key

Press to open the symbols panel and insert a symbol or special character in your text.

Arrow keys

Press the Arrow keys for directional movement.

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