Forgot HTC Status at home or you can’t find it? Or worse, it slipped out of your pocket while riding the train. Use to communicate with HTC Status so you can forward calls and messages to a different number, make HTC Status ring, lock it, and even erase its contents.

To use these features, you'll need to sign in to on a computer web browser.

Turning on Phone finder

Some features of require that the Phone finder option on HTC Status is selected.

  1. On HTC Status, from the Home screen, press , and then tap Settings.
  2. Tap Location.
  3. Select the Phone finder check box.

Forwarding calls and messages

You can forward calls and messages to another phone if you don’t have HTC Status with you.

On, click the Forward calls and/or Forward messages On/Off switch.

Making HTC Status ring

You know HTC Status is somewhere in your home but you just can’t find it. Make HTC Status ring, even if it’s on mute, so that you can find it. Hopefully, it’s just buried under some clothes in the hamper.
On, click Ring.

Locating HTC Status

Left HTC Status somewhere while doing your errands? You can use to find its approximate location.
Important: You must have the Phone finder option selected in Settings > Location on HTC Status for this feature to work.
On, check the map to see where HTC Status is. Click Refresh location to refresh the map.

Locking HTC Status

Lost HTC Status? Lock HTC Status and show a message onscreen so if somebody finds it, they can contact you.

  1. On, click Lock device.
  2. Enter a PIN, an alternate phone number to call if somebody finds HTC Status, and a short message to show onscreen.
    Note: The alternate number is shown on the screen. If somebody happens to find HTC Status, that person can simply tap it to call that number using HTC Status.
  3. Click Save.

Erasing the contents of HTC Status

If there’s no chance of getting HTC Status back, you can erase the contents of HTC Status and the installed storage card so no one sees sensitive information on HTC Status.
Warning: There’s no way to recover HTC Status and storage card data after you erase the contents so be absolutely sure before you proceed.
  1. On, click Erase device.
  2. When asked to confirm, click Erase device.
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