Sending a new message

Sending a new message

  1. In the Gmail inbox, press and then tap Compose.
  2. If you’ve set up multiple Google Accounts on HTC Status, choose which Gmail address you want to use for sending your email. Tap the box that shows your current Gmail address, and then tap another address that you want to use for sending.
  3. Enter the message recipient’s email address in the To field. If you are sending the email to several recipients, separate the email addresses with a comma.
    Note: If you want to send a carbon copy (Cc) or a blind carbon copy (Bcc) of the email to other recipients, press and then tap Add Cc/Bcc.
  4. Enter the email subject, and then compose your email.
  5. If you want to attach a picture, press and then tap Attach.
  6. Locate and then tap the picture you want to attach.
  7. After composing your message, tap .
    Note: While composing the message, tap to save it as a draft. Or press to discard the message.
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