Using Friend Stream

Using Friend Stream

Friend Stream connects you to your social networks. Share and get updates from friends in popular networks like Facebook and Twitter and see new photos posted with Flickr® in a single feed. With Friend Stream, you can easily track your friends’ status messages, photo uploads, notifications, and more — or comment and post your own.
  • You must be signed in to at least one social network account to use Friend Stream.
  • To use your Facebook account on Friend Stream, you need to be signed in via Facebook for HTC Sense.
From the Home screen, tap > Friend Stream. Friend Stream opens on the All updates tab.

When you tap someone’s status update, you can:

  • View the tweet. If there's a web link shared, you'll also see the posted web page right below the tweet.
  • Write a comment. Like someone’s Facebook posts.
  • Look at someone’s album photos.

When you tap someone’s photo or name, you can:

  • Check the person’s profile details.
  • Look at the person’s Facebook wall.
  • Check the person’s posted tweets.

Slide to the other tabs to view social network updates grouped as status updates only, photo and video uploads, links, social network notifications, and more.

Updating your status

You can update your status simultaneously on all the social network accounts you are signed in to.

  1. On the All updates tab, tap Share.
  2. Enter your status update.
  3. If you do not want to send the status update to all your social network accounts, tap and clear the check boxes of the social networks to exclude.
  4. Tap and then choose what you want to attach to your tweet or status update.
    Picture Select From Camera to take a photo and attach it or From Gallery to attach a photo.
    Location Add your current location or a location you pick on a map.
    App recommendation Choose an app you’ve installed from Android Market that you want to share with others. The URL from which the app can be downloaded will be inserted to your status.
  5. Tap Post.

Commenting on and liking Facebook posts

Tap someone’s status update on the All updates tab, and do any of the following:
  • Tap a photo or the album name shown in the status update to view and comment on the album photos using the Gallery app.
  • Tap Like to like the person’s status update.
  • Tap the text box, and then enter what you think about the person’s status update.

Checking notifications from your social networks

Slide to the Notifications tab to easily see a single feed of your notifications from different social networks. It can be a comment on your Facebook post, a mention or direct message in Twitter, a tagged photo of you, and more.

Sharing your location with your Facebook friends

Eating out in your fave restaurant? Tell your friends where you are.
  • You must be signed in to Facebook for HTC Sense to use this feature in Friend Stream.
  • In order to find your location, you also need to enable location sources in > > Settings > Location.
  1. On the Locations tab, tap Location.
  2. Do any of the following:
    • Tap a place from the list.
    • Tap Add a place, type in your current location name and description, and then tap Done.
  3. Tap Check in.
  4. On the next screen, you can add your status message and even tag the friends you're with.
  5. When done, tap Check in.

Using the Friend Stream widget

By default, the Friend Stream widget is surfaced on your third home screen. Use the Friend Stream widget to quickly view your social networking feeds. The Friend Stream widget updates on a regular interval (by default, every hour for Facebook) or when you tap the bottom of the widget to manually update it.

Using the Friend Channel widget

You can keep up with all the latest update of your favorite friend by using the Friend Channel widget. To add the widget to your home screen, choose it from the Friend Stream widget options in the Personalize menu.
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