Using Facebook chat

Using Facebook chat

Chatting with your friends with Facebook Chat has never been easier. With the Facebook Chat app, you can quickly initiate and reply to chat conversations with online friends and maintain chat history.

The app also maintains your chat conversations when you navigate away to take a call, browse the web or play a game. A notification appears in the Notification bar when you receive a response and you can tap the notification to return to the conversation.

You must be signed in to Facebook before using Facebook chat.
  1. From the Home screen, tap > Fb Chat. The Facebook chat screen opens where current conversations with your Facebook friends are shown, along with friend groups.
  2. Do any of the following:
    • Tap the name of a friend who is available to start or continue a chat conversation.
    • Tap the photo of a friend to view the person's Facebook profile, wall, and uploads.
    • Tap the History tab to view a list of previous conversations. The number on the tab icon shows how many messages are unread.
    • Press to choose to hide offline friends and select notification settings.
    • Press > Go offline to change your chat status to offline.

Using the Facebook Chat widget

The Facebook Chat widget is located on your fourth home screen by default. The chat widget shows you quickly who is available to chat.
  • Tap a friend's name to start a conversation.
  • Tap to go offline or online.
  • Tap to open the full Facebook Chat app.
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