Facebook all the time

Facebook all the time

HTC Status has been designed with Facebook fans in mind. You'll discover lots of nice Facebook features on your phone.
Share everywhere Easily update your Facebook status with a push of the Facebook share button . Or, press and hold to check in to Facebook places and tell your friends what you’re up to, and who you’re with.
Share music Press while listening to a track in the Music app to post a message to your Facebook wall with the track, album, and artist information.

If the song is on Amazon, track info and album art are also displayed along with a link that you can click to go to the online music store and buy the track.

View Facebook calendar events

View Facebook events on the Calendar. Birthday and event calendars are separated for convenience and are color coded in dark blue.

You can also add the Calendar widget to the Home screen to easily view Facebook birthday and event info.

Share photos and videos

From the Camera, press to take a picture and upload to Facebook. While looking at a specific photo or video in Gallery, press to upload it to Facebook. While in a Gallery album, press to upload multiple photos at once.

You can easily add tags and descriptions, set the album to upload to, and create and set privacy restrictions for new albums.
Web and news page sharing While viewing a webpage or news article, press to publish the page or article link to your Facebook wall.
Auto upload photos Automatically upload photos you take with the camera to your Facebook page. You can upload pictures immediately, daily, or only when there's a Wi-Fi connection present.
Facebook chat Keep in touch with all your close Facebook friends using the Facebook chat application. Use the widget on the home screen to easily view the current chat status of your friends and initiate a conversation.
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