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    I have Hard Reset my device, how do I get the applications from Market back on my device?
    After a Hard Reset, in order to recover Market applications you had previously, simply sign into your Gmail account in the initial setup wizard and the applications will automatically be restored. Alternatively, you can go to Market>Sign In>Select Menu>Downloads and select the items to be restored to your device.
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    Can I access Twitter from my device?
    Yes you can access your Twitter account on this device 2 ways. You can set up access to your Twitter account in the Friend Stream application or you can go from the Home screen to All Applications>Twitter and sign into your Twitter account from there.
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  • 3:
    What is HTC Sense?
    HTC Sense is an experience designed around many little insightful ideas. Ideas that seem so simple, you think "why hasn't any one else thought of that? It just makes sense." It's a phone experience full of lots of little surprises, delighting you every time...find out MUCH more by going to www.htc.com/htcsense
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  • 4:
    How do I update my status on Facebook?
    There are 2 ways to update your Facebook Status. You can access Friend Stream (from the Home screen, swipe twice to the right) and touch the “What’s on your mind” box or from the Home screen select All Applications>Facebook> What’s on your mind.
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  • 5:
    What is Live TV and what do I need to use it?
    AT&T U-verse Live TV allows you to watch news, sports, weather, and entertainment video clips right from your device. This application uses a large amount of data. To access Live TV from the Home screen, touch the All Programs tab and select Live TV to download the application. For further information, contact AT&T.
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  • 6:
    How do I disconnect Facebook on my device?
    From the Home Screen, select Menu>Settings>Accounts & Sync. Touch the listing for Facebook and then touch Remove Account.
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  • 7:
    Is there a way to modify camera mode so I can shoot better photos?

    Yes there are multiple image settings that can be changed to produce finer quality images. From within your camera application, tap Menu and you can scroll through the various settings.

    Image adjustments gives you the ability to change the following qualities of your pictures: Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, and Sharpness.

    White Balance gives you the ability to fine tune your pictures based on the lighting conditions, Auto, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Daylight, and Cloudy.

    ISO changes the speed of the shutter, generally the darker your environment you are taking pictures in, the higher the ISO setting should be.

    Enabling Auto enhance, Auto focus, and Face detection will help produce higher quality images.

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  • 8:
    What is AT&T FamilyMap

    AT&T FamilyMap is a subscription service that allows you to conveniently locate a family member’s wireless phone on a map from your device. Top sign up for AT&T FamilyMap visit www.att.com/familymap.

    To access AT&T FamilyMap from the Home screen, select the All Programs Tab>AT&T FamilyMap.
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  • 9:
    What is Friend Stream and how do I access it?

    This application provides status updates from your Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr accounts in one place (after you have set each up on your device) and broadcasts a single comment simultaneously to Facebook and Twitter.

    To access Friend Stream from the home screen, select All programs (button on the lower-left of the screen)>Friend Stream.
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  • 10:
    What is Latitude?
    Google Latitude lets you stay close with your friends from your phone, PC, or both. It allows you to find your friends on a map and see nearby friends. You can also share where you are with the friends you select and Control your location and privacy. for more information, visit www.google.com/latitude
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  • 11:
    How do I use the Facebook Share Button?

    The Facebook Share Button gives you a unique way to quickly post your status or add photos, videos, links and more. For more details on how to use the Facebook Share Button, check out the Tips and Tricks section for this device.

    Note: In some applications, the Facebook Share Button will glow when an action is available (such as sharing a website or picture).

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  • 12:
    How do I post pictures or videos to Facebook?

    There are three ways to post pictures or videos to Facebook:

    1. From the Home screen, press the Facebook Share Button, tap Photos, locate and tap the desired picture or video and tap Post.
    2. While viewing a picture or video from the Gallery, press the Facebook Share Button, edit the details and tap Done.
    3. While viewing a photo album in the Gallery, tap Share, tap Facebook for HTC Sense, select the desired picture(s) or video(s), tap Next, edit the details and tap Done.
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  • 13:
    What encoding format for video capture is supported?
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  • 14:
    How do I access the different effects available for the camera application on my device?
    From within the camera application, tap Menu > Settings > Effects and select different options that you can use to tweak and customize your pictures (distortion, vignette, depth, posterize, etc). Once you have made your selection, you can then capture the image and the effect selection will be applied.
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  • 15:
    How do I access the camera function on my device?

    On the Home Screen, touch the Camera Icon to launch the application.

    Note: An SD Card must be installed in order to use the camera on this device.
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  • 16:
    What is Transfer Data?
    Transfer Data is an HTC application that assists you with transferring contact, SMS messages and calendar events from an old phone to your HTC phone. This transfer is done via Bluetooth and has been proven to work with devices from Apple, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson although it may work with other devices from other manufacturers.
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  • 17:
    What is Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot/Wi-Fi HotSpot?

    The Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot application allows you to use your device and its 3G access as a Wi-Fi Hotspot with other devices.

    This function can use large amounts of data, please contact AT&T to ensure that you have a sufficient data plan.

    To access this feature go to Home>All Applications>Wi-Fi HotSpot or go to  Menu>Settings> Wireless & networks>Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
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  • 18:
    What is Market?

    Market is the application that provides access to the Android Market. Market offers both Free and Paid applications for Android users. When downloading content from Market, be aware that the applications offered have not been tested by HTC nor AT&T and that all Market Application Support is the responsibility of the Developer of that application; Not HTC or AT&T.

    To access Market, you will need an active User ID and Password for GMail and then from the Home Screen, select the All Applications tab>Market.
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  • 19:
    Can I install non Android Market applications?
    Yes.  You must enable the option for installing applications from Unknown sources by navigating to Settings > Applications.
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  • 20:
    Where can I find more information about Android, Market and Google applications for Android?
    For more information about Android and Google applications please visit http://www.google.com/support/mobile/bin/topic.py?hl=en&topic=13588
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  • 21:
    How do I set up the Weather application so that my local weather information is displayed?
    In order to have the Weather information update automatically as you change locations, the Location setting needs to be enabled for GPS; users are prompted to select this option during the initial set up of the device but if need be, these settings can also be accessed from the Home screen by selecting Menu>Settings>Location. To see additional Weather options, while in the Weather application screen, press Menu.
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  • 22:
    Can I use the flash as a lighting source when I shoot videos in dim lighting conditions?
    Yes. While using the camera in Camcorder mode, tap the flash icon to enable or disable the camera flash to be used as a lighting source.

    Note 1: The flash icon is the crooked arrow to the right of the shutter button on the camera screen.

    Note 2: Using the flash as a lighting source for extended periods of time will significantly decrease your battery level.
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  • 23:
    Can the camera auto-detect the lighting conditions?
    Yes, by default the device is set to auto detect the lighting conditions in which you are taking pictures.

    If you would like to have more control over the way your pictures are taken you can do so in the Settings menu. From within the Camera application, tap Menu and tap White balance. Your choices are Auto, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Daylight, and Cloudy. Adjusting the white balance will let you fine tune your pictures for the lighting environment in which you are taking pictures in.

    Your device also has the ability to change the ISO speed to adjust to different lighting conditions. If you are unsure of what this setting can do with your pictures, it is recommended to leave the setting at Auto to automate the ISO settings.

    Note: The Menu key is the second key from the left at the bottom of your device, which looks like four horizontal lines.
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  • 24:
    Can I take a self-portrait but still see my image before capturing?
    Yes, you can take self-portraits using the front-facing camera. To switch to the front camera from the Camera application, tap on the switch camera icon.

    Note: Switch camera icon is the one with two arrows on both side of the camera and is beside the shutter button.
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  • 25:
    Is there a way to edit video length?
    The default video application on this device does not support editing. However, you may search for video editing applications on Android Market (keyword video editor).
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  • 26:
    How do I change my Camera capture mode function to take video?
    While in the Camera application, tap the switch mode icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
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  • 27:
    I have taken a picture and now want to share it with others, how can I do that?
    Once you have captured the image, touch the Share Icon (two arrows) and select how you want to send the image (Bluetooth, Facebook, Facebook for HTC Sense, Flickr; Gmail, Mail, Messages, Peep,  Picasa, Twitter, etc.) and follow the prompts.
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  • 28:
    Does the camera come with Flash?
    Yes, the camera for this device comes with a built in Flash that is set to Auto by default. These settings can be changed within the camera settings.
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  • 29:
    How do I watch YouTube?
    Tap All Programs then tap YouTube. The YouTube screen appears with the videos grouped into categories, such as Featured, Most popular, Most viewed, Top rated, and more. To view videos by category, select Menu>Search>Select a category. You also have the option to sign into or create an account with YouTube by selecting Menu>My Account.
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  • 30:
    How do I manage music?

    Since Music only plays audio files saved on the storage card of your phone, you must copy your audio files to the storage card before you open Music. Connect the Phone to your computer via USB and set it as a USB Drive. Copy music from your computer to the Phone into a folder called "MUSIC" (if it doesn't exist, create it).

    Once compatible files have been added to your installed storage card, from the home screen, select All Applications>Music.
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  • 31:
    How do I share a website link on Facebook?
    While viewing a web page, press the Facebook Share Button, enter your status text and then tap Post.
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  • 32:
    How do I disconnect my Facebook account from my device?
    From the Home screen, go to Menu > Settings > Accounts & Sync. Touch the listing for Facebook and then touch Remove Account.

    Note: The Menu key is the second key from the left underneath the screen, which looks like four horizontal lines.
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  • 33:
    How do I set up my Facebook account?
    The option to set up your Facebook account is available during the initial setup of your device. If this step was skipped, you can add an account at any time from the Home screen by going to Menu > Settings > Accounts & sync > Add account > Facebook > Enter your account details and then tap Login. Follow the prompts to set up your Facebook account.

    Note: The Menu key is the second key from the left underneath the screen, which looks like four horizontal lines.
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  • 34:
    How do I update my status on Facebook?

    There are three ways to update your Facebook status:

    1. From the Home screen, press the Facebook Share Button, enter your status update and then tap Post.
    2. From the Home screen, go to All Apps > Facebook > Enter your status in the What’s on your mind box, and then tap Share.
    3. From the Home screen, go to All Apps > FriendStream > Share > Enter your status in the What’s on your mind box, and then tap Post.

    Note 1: You can also use Home screen shortcuts and widgets for quicker access the Facebook and FriendStream applications.

    Note 2: All apps is the square icon in the lower left corner of the home screen that opens the device’s application menu.

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