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Exercising with Endomondo

Exercising with Endomondo

Make exercising easier and more fun. Endomondo lets you track your workouts, share them, or have friendly competition among other users. Now, your HTC Rhyme becomes a valuable companion while walking, cycling, running, or any other activity that helps you keep fit and healthy.

The Endomondo app lets you:

  • Set an activity of your choice and specify a particular goal for it.
  • Play music while exercising.
  • Track a workout or view records of past workouts.
  • Share progress with friends and other users.
  • Get exercise ideas from friends and beat their personal bests.

To learn more about this app, see http://www.endomondo.com/

To open Endomondo from the Home screen, tap > Endomondo.

Setting up Endomondo

When you log on for the first time, you need to sign up and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  1. From Endomondo app, choose how you want to sign up. Follow the onscreen instructions.
    Note: If you are existing user of Endomondo, tapI have an account to log in.
  2. Scan the address book of your e-mail account or your friend list to find other users. If you have contacts that are using the app, you can connect with them to share workout, results, and more. When finished, tap Done.
  3. Enter details about yourself and choose how you want to share your workout results. The following settings are available:
    User settings Specify your weight and your preferred units of measure. You can also choose to share your workout results on your Facebook wall.
    Workout Preference Choose your sport or if you want the timer to count down before starting to record your time. You can also choose if you want your results posted on your Endomondo account.
    Audio Settings Choose if you want to hear an audio coach or a peptalk from a friend while exercising.
    Accessory Settings Set options to connect to sensors, like a heart rate monitor, or other sport accessories.

Adding friends

Add friends or invite them to join Endomondo so you can track each other's progress or beat each other's records.
  1. From the Endomondo app, tap the Friends tab.
  2. Tap Add and choose how you want to look for friends. You can scan the address book of your email account or your friend list on Facebook. A list of friends is displayed.
  3. Tap Connect to add friends who are already using Endomondo, or tap Invite so friends can sign up.
  4. When finished, tap Done.
Activities and results of friends who have accepted your request are displayed on the Friends tab.

Tracking and sharing your workout

Record your workout, play music while you exercise, or view your route .
  1. From the Endomondo app, tap the Workout tab.
  2. Choose how you want to exercise. You can set a basic workout, set a goal (based on distance or time), beat a friend's personal best, or beat your own record.
    Important: If you are tracking a workout that is based on distance, you need to turn on GPS. From the Home screen, press MENU , and then tap Settings > Location > Use GPS Satellites.
    When you are finished customizing your workout, the Status screen appears displaying a stop watch.
  3. Press Start to begin your workout.
  4. While working out you can also:
    • View your route. Just tap .
    • Listen to music. Tap and play music that is saved on your SD card.
  5. When done with your workout or when you have reached your goal, tap Pause > Stop and Save.
Information about your workout is displayed on the History tab or shared with your friends and other users.

Viewing your past workouts

Use records of past workouts as benchmarks if you're working out to beat your own record. Your workouts can also be shared to friends.
  1. From the Endomondo app, tap the History tab.
  2. Press and hold an entry. From here you can:
    Upload results If you have not set the option to automatically upload your workout records on your Endomondo account , tap Manual upload to do so. If you want all records to be uploaded or for them to be shared right after your workout, tap Activate auto upload.
    Delete the entry Delete an entry from the list.

Changing Endomondo settings

  1. From any of the tabs in Endomondo, press MENU and then tap Settings.
  2. Change the settings and press BACK to save the changes.

If you are lending your phone to someone else, you may want to log out from Endomondo. Logging out erases records of your past workouts from your phone. Don't worry, if you have set up your phone to post workouts on the Endomondo Web site, you can still access them from the site. To log out, tap User > Logout.

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