Changing Calendar settings

Changing Calendar settings

You can change Calendar settings to specify how it displays events and how it notifies you of upcoming events.
In any Calendar view, press MENU and then tap Settings (or More > Settings).

Reminder settings

All calendars Select this check box to use the same event reminder settings for all types of calendars. If you clear this check box, you can set different reminder settings for each calendar.
Set alerts & notifications Configure event reminders to open an alert, send you a notification, or turn off event notifications on HTC Rhyme.
Default reminder time Choose how soon before an event you want to be notified.
Select ringtone Choose a ringtone to sound when you receive an event reminder.
Hide declined events Choose whether to show or hide events for which you've declined invitations.

Calendar view settings

First day of week Set the month and week views to start on a Sunday or Monday.
Include weather Select this check box to show weather information in the day view events list.
City If weather is included, by default, day view displays your current location's weather. You can change it to display the weather of another city.
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