Managing email messages

Managing email messages

Deleting an email message

  1. On the inbox, press and hold the message you want to delete.
  2. On the options menu, tap Delete.

Selecting several email messages

  1. Tap the check boxes of email messages to select them.
  2. Choose what you want to do with the selected messages: Mark read (or mark Mark unread), Delete, or Move to another folder.
Note: You cannot move two or more email messages at the same time when you’re in the unified (All accounts) inbox.

Moving several email messages to another folder

  1. Switch to the email account you want to use.
  2. Tap the check boxes of email messages you want to move.
  3. Tap Move to, and then tap the folder where to move the email messages.

Moving an email message after reading

  1. While viewing the email, tap Move to.
  2. Tap the folder where you want to move the email message.

Deleting all messages

  1. First tap the check box of any email message.
  2. Press MENU , and then tap Select all.
  3. Tap Delete.

Switching to other mail folders

  1. Tap .
  2. Tap the mail folder which contains the messages you want to view.
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