Your contacts list

Your contacts list

The People app lists all contacts stored on HTC Rhyme and from the online accounts you're logged in to. When you open People after you've just logged in to a new account, you'll be asked whether to add contacts from that account to your contacts list.
You can:
  • Open your profile and edit your own contact information.
  • Create, edit, or find contacts.
  • See status updates from friends in your social network accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Tap a contact's name to open the contact details screen for that contact.
  • See a notification icon such as when a contact has sent you new messages or when it's the contact's birthday.
  • Check out who's online in Google Talk. Online status icons are displayed if you’re signed in to Google Talk on HTC Rhyme. For example, means the contact is available to chat.

Filtering your contacts list

You can choose to only display contacts from particular account types (for example, Google contacts or Facebook contacts).
  1. From the Home screen, tap > People.
  2. On the People tab, tap on the top bar to show a list of your online accounts.
  3. Choose the online accounts that contain the contacts you want to display in your contacts list, and then press BACK to save your selection.
  4. To set more options on sorting your contacts, press MENU and then tap Settings.
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