Listening to music

Listening to music

Enjoy listening to songs and music on HTC Rhyme using the Music app.

  1. While browsing your music collection, tap a song to play it.
  2. Tap the onscreen icons to control music playback, repeat songs, and more.
Go to the library.
Switch between the player mode or the queue list. You can rearrange songs while in the queue list.
Press and drag your finger across the progress bar to jump to any part of the song.
Show options for adding the song to a playlist, sharing the song, and more.
Turn shuffle on or off. (Shuffle is off when button is gray.)
Cycle through the repeat modes: repeat all songs, repeat current song, and don’t repeat.
Tip: Tap to check out featured albums from V Cast Music.

Playing music from the Lock screen

When you’re listening to music and the screen turns off, press POWER to turn the screen back on and control the music playback directly on the Lock screen.
If you don’t see the playback controls on the Lock screen, swipe your finger from left to right on the box onscreen.
Tip: You can also pause music playback right from the Notifications panel.

About the Music widget

You can use the Music widget to play music right from your Home screen.

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