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Changing camera settings

Changing camera settings

Open the menu panel to access and change camera settings.
To open the camera settings, press MENU .
Self-timer (photo mode only)
Set a time delay before your camera automatically takes the photo.
Image adjustments
Slide your finger across each of the slider bars to adjust the exposure, contrast, saturation, and sharpness.
White balance
White balance enables the camera to capture colors more accurately by adjusting to your current lighting environment.
ISO (photo mode only)
Choose an ISO level or set it back to Auto. Higher ISO numbers are better for taking pictures in low light conditions.
Resolution (photo mode only)
Choose a photo resolution to use.
Review duration
Set the time for a captured photo or video to be displayed on the Review screen before the camera changes back to the Viewfinder screen.
Widescreen (photo mode only)
When this check box is selected (default), photo resolutions available for selection are in 5:3 ratio and you can use the entire Viewfinder screen to frame your subject. When not selected, photo resolutions available for selection are in standard 4:3 ratio.
Geo-tag photos (photo mode only)
Select to store GPS location in your captured photos.
Auto enhance (photo mode only)
Select to reduce noise when using a high ISO setting and to automatically adjust photo brightness.
Auto focus (photo mode only)
Enables or disables centered auto focus.
Face detection (photo mode only)
Select to automatically recognize faces and adjust the focus when you take people photos. Face detection will be turned off if you disable auto focus.
Shutter sound
Select to play a sound when you press the shutter release or record button.
Grid (photo mode only)
Select to display a grid on the Viewfinder screen so you can easily frame and center your subject before taking the photo.
Auto upload (photo mode only)
Lets you automatically upload photos to Facebook or Flickr®. You can set the upload frequency, select the album to upload to, and set the privacy level.
Stereo recording (video mode only)
Select to record sound in stereo when capturing videos.
Record with audio (video mode only)
Select to record audio when capturing videos.
Reset to default
Change the camera settings back to default.
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