Call services

Call services

HTC Rhyme can directly link to the mobile phone network, and enable you to access and change the settings of various phone services. Call services may include call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, and more. Contact Verizon Wireless to find out about the availability of call services.
To open call services, press MENU from the Home screen, and then tap Settings > Call.
Voicemail service
Shows the current voicemail service being used.
Voicemail settings
Specify another voicemail number aside from the one specified by your service provider.
Clear voicemail notification
If you have a notification of a new voicemail, you can clear the notification with this option.
Auto Retry
When enabled, the phone automatically redials a number when the attempted call fails.
Hearing aids
Turn on the Hearing Aid Compliance feature that reduces interference to hearing aids.
Phone settings
Modify your phone settings such as automatic saving of an unknown contact number when a call with that number ends.
Assisted Dialing
Assisted Dialing allows you to easily dial international calls while roaming in another country.
TTY mode
Enable TTY (Teletypewriter) support for your phone.
Voice Privacy
Encrypts outgoing voice calls and uses secure channels when available.
Set the calling parameters for the current country, such as country code and IDD prefix.
Add, modify, or remove Internet calling accounts. You can also choose whether to receive incoming Internet calls.
Use Internet calling
Select whether to use Internet calling for all calls you make or for Internet address calls only, or to be asked which you prefer for each call you make.
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