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Using Call history

Using Call history

Use Call History to check missed calls, your dialed numbers, and received calls.

Checking a missed call

You will see the missed call icon in the status bar when you miss a call.

  1. Slide open the Notifications panel to check who the caller is.
  2. To return the call, tap the missed call notification. Then tap the caller’s name or number on the Call History screen.

Checking calls in the Call History

  1. On the Home screen, tap .
  2. Slide to the Call History tab.
  3. On the Call History screen, you can:
    • Tap a name or number in the list to call.
    • Press and hold a name or number in the list to display the options menu.
    • Tap to check only the call history of a particular contact.
    • Press MENU , then tap View to display just a particular type of calls such as missed calls or outgoing calls.

Adding a new phone number to your contacts from Call History

  1. On the Call History screen, press and hold the phone number that you want to save, and then tap Save to People.
  2. Choose whether to create a new contact or save the number to an existing contact on HTC Rhyme.
  3. Do any of the following:
    • When creating a new contact, enter the contact name, contact type, and other information in the blank contact record that appears. The phone number is automatically added to the mobile field in the phone section. To store it as another type of number, for example a home number, tap the Mobile button.
    • When saving the number to an existing contact, tap a contact stored on HTC Rhyme, and then select the number type.
  4. Tap Save.

Clearing the Call History list

On the Call History screen, do one of the following:
Remove one name or number Press and hold the name or number, and then tap Delete from call history.
Clear the entire list Press MENU , and then tap Remove call history. Tap Select all > Delete.
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