Adding folders on your Home screen

Adding folders on your Home screen

Use folders to group related apps and other shortcuts to keep your Home screen tidy and organized. You can also add information folders that show up-to-date information such as Bluetooth received files, your Facebook phonebook, and more.

Creating a new folder and adding items to it

  1. Go to a part of the Home screen where there’s space to add a new folder.
  2. Press MENU , and then tap Personalize.
  3. On the Add to home tab, tap Folder.
  4. Tap New Folder. The new folder appears on the Home screen.
  5. Go to the Home screen where there is an app, icon, or shortcut, and then press and hold it. HTC Rhyme then vibrates. Don’t lift your finger just yet.
  6. Drag the app, icon, or shortcut and drop it on the folder.

Simply tap the folder to open it so you can access the apps and shortcuts inside the folder.

Renaming a folder

  1. Tap the folder to open it.
  2. Press and hold the folder window’s title bar.
  3. Enter a new folder name and then tap OK.
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