Switching to Dock Mode

Switching to Dock Mode

Dock Mode turns HTC Rhyme into a desk clock, photo slideshow viewer, or music player. You can also set it as a speakerphone when you receive calls while HTC Rhyme is docked.
  1. With the dock plugged in, place HTC Rhyme into the dock.

    HTC Rhyme automatically turns on Bluetooth and switches to Dock Mode.

  2. If prompted, choose how you want to use the dock for audio.
While in Dock Mode, you can:
Play music
  • Tap the playback buttons to control music playback.
  • Tap the album cover to open your music library.
  • Tap to adjust the media volume.
View the time and weather information
  • Tap the clock widget to open the Clock app where you can set alarms or show the time in another city.
  • Tap the weather information to open the Weather app and check forecasts or the next few days.
Play a photo slideshow
Tap Photo frame to view the photos on your storage card as a slideshow.
Access apps on HTC Rhyme
Tap the shortcut icons at the bottom of the screen to open apps such as Calendar.

To customize the shortcuts, press and hold an app icon, and then select a new app. (Or, press MENU , and then tap Shortcuts. )

Dim the screen
Tap the dim control button.
Modify dock settings
Press MENU , and then tap Settings.
To exit Dock Mode, tap or remove HTC Rhyme from the dock.
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