About HTC Media Link HD

About HTC Media Link HD

You can plug in HTC Media Link HD to any TV with HDMI port, and use it to display content wirelessly to your TV.
Note: HTC Media Link HD is sold separately.

Easy to set up and use

With just a three-finger swipe, connect HTC One to HTC Media Link HD and share on the big screen.

Multitask with dual-screen display

HTC Media Link HD gives you dual-screen display when you're:
  • Viewing a video in Gallery
  • Playing music in the HTC Music app
  • Watching a trailer, purchased movie, or rented show in HTC Watch
While you're playing media on the big screen, you can multitask and do other things such as take calls, browse the Web, or send email on HTC One.

Turns your TV into a digital photo frame

Use the TV screen saver feature to store up to 30 photos from HTC One on HTC Media Link HD, and display them as a slideshow on your TV.

To find out more about setting up HTC Media Link HD and using it with HTC One, refer to the HTC Media Link HD user guide.

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