Sharing memories through HTC Share
Create and share life’s memories with Zoe™

Sharing memories through HTC Share

It's easy to create a collage of your best photos and share them with friends and family with HTC Share.
  • Build and share your collage quickly. Highlights of the event have been picked for you.
  • Add still photos or even include a highlight video. You can also add HTC Zoe photos.
  • Share through a URL link—no need for bulky attachments.
  • You must have an HTC Account to share a collage using HTC Share.
  • Friends and family don't need an HTC Account to view or download photos from your collage—anyone who has the URL link can view or download photos.
  1. Open the Gallery app.
  2. Tap > Events.
  3. Tap a tile to see the photos taken at a certain event.
  4. Tap > HTC Share. The highlights are ready to be uploaded.
  5. Review your collage, and refine it:
    • Tap a photo to show options for replacing and more.
    • If available, tap to select more content from the same album or event.
    Tip: Worried about data charges? Tap > Settings and choose Wi-Fi connection. When uploading, you will be prompted to use the Wi-Fi connection.
  6. Fill in details, such as title and description.
  7. Tap Upload, and wait for HTC One to finish uploading.
  8. Under Share to, select how you want to share your collage.

A link is sent to friends and family or a status update appears on their social networks. For a period of time, they can:

  • Tap or click the link to view the collage on a web browser.
  • Tap or click a photo in the collage to see a bigger view or to see the download option.
Note: Do not reproduce, distribute, or otherwise use copyrighted materials in connection with the Video Highlights feature unless you have secured the copyright owner’s permission first.
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