Selecting feeds
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Selecting feeds

Get updated with the most relevant content and posts with just a swipe. Choose which feeds to display on the Home screen. You can select popular news channels and websites or choose a category like Entertainment. You can also show posts from friends in social networks or information from apps such as Calendar.
  1. From the Feeds view, tap > Topics and services.
    Tip: If the icon doesn't show, scroll to the top and pull down on the screen.
  2. Select feeds from apps, types of content, and social networks that will display on the Home screen. Swipe left or right for more choices.

Can I subscribe to a different news source or channel?

Feeds from news channels and web sites displayed on the Home screen are set by a local content guide. To see a different list of news sources, change the local content.
  1. From the Feeds view, tap > Settings.
    Tip: If the icon does not show, scroll to the top and pull down the screen.
  2. Tap Local content.
  3. Select the local content you want to use, and tap Next.
  4. Select news sources and categories that you want.
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