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    After updating my phone's software, some apps misbehave or crash. Why is that?
    Some third-party apps may have compatibility issue with the latest Android or HTC Sense™ upgrade.
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    Does my HTC phone have a dedicated camera button?
    No, but you can configure the VOLUME buttons to be your hardware shutter release or zoom buttons.

    For details, see the Camera section in the user guide or how-tos.

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    Why can't I see lyrics for every song?
    When you don't see lyrics for the song that you're currently playing on the Music app's Visualizer tab, these could be some of the reasons:
    • No lyrics information is currently available for the song on the server.
    • You've selected to update lyrics only through Wi‍-Fi, and you're not connected to a Wi‍-Fi network.

      To change this setting, on the Music app, tap > Settings, and then make sure that Wi-Fi only is not selected.

    • Metadata for the song—such as the artist or song name—don't match the data on the server. This means that the server can’t find corresponding lyrics.
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    Are there advanced calculator functions in the Calculator app?
    Yes. When you turn the phone in landscape orientation while you're using the Calculator app, advanced calculator functions will be displayed.
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    Can I keep the camera on standby to save battery, and how?
    Yes. While waiting to capture your next subject, press the POWER button to switch to Sleep mode. When you're ready to capture again, just press POWER again.

    Even if you've set a screen lock with credentials, your phone bypasses the security screen and immediately launches Camera. When you close Camera, that's when you'll be prompted to unlock the screen lock.

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    Will my captured photos have geo-tags?
    If you turned on location services in Settings, then yes, your captured photos will have geo-tags or location information. By default, photo geo-tagging is turned on.

    If you don't want your photos to have geo-tags, clear the Geo-tag photos option in Camera settings.

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    Can I rearrange the lens filters in Gallery?
    Yes, just press and hold it and drag it to a new location.
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    Can I get more than 20 frames when taking burst shots?
    Yes. Just make sure that the Limit to 20 frames option isn't selected.
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    Why aren’t my calendar events showing up?
    If you can't find events from your email accounts or social networks in Calendar, check whether the Calendar sync is turned on in Settings.
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    Why doesn't Face Fusion work in some photos?
    There are certain requirements for Face Fusion to detect and blend faces in your photos.
    • Faces shouldn't be blurred. The facial features should appear accentuated in the photos.
    • The faces in each photo must be 100 x 100 pixels or larger in size.
    • For best results, use close-up shots that have similar skin tone.
    • Avoid using facial shots that have glasses or are covered by hair, a hat, or any other item.

    Also, photos of subjects looking towards the camera give the best results.

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    How do I know if the camera supports video HDR?
    You'll see the video HDR icon in the scene setting.
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    When creating my custom lens filter, does the order of the filters matter?
    Yes. The order of the filters may change the overall outcome of the image.
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