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    While on speakerphone, my screen turned off. How do I turn it back on?
    Press the POWER button to turn on the screen. To avoid accidentally ending the call when using the speakerphone, go to Settings > Accessibility and make sure that the Power button ends call option is cleared.
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    Why am I not receiving text messages from contacts who use iPhone?
    If you've just migrated your contacts from iPhone to your HTC phone, your contacts may still be texting you through iMessage service and not through SMS or MMS.
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    How do I make status updates and birthdays appear on my Caller ID?
    If you've signed into your Facebook or Twitter™ account, you'll see the caller's latest status update. You may also see the caller's upcoming birthday if the event is saved on your phone or if you've signed into your online account such as Facebook.

    If you created a task in the Tasks app and linked it to a contact, the task will appear when the contact calls and if the contact has no recent status update.

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    How do I set the default SMS app?
    If you installed more than one SMS app on your phone, you can set which app will send and receive SMS. In Settings, under Wireless & Networks, tap More > Default SMS app and select an app.

    To set HTC's app as the default, tap Messages. The Messages app can send and receive both SMS and MMS and allows Group Messaging (if the device and your mobile operator support it).

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    How do I remove duplicated contacts?
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    How do I change the signature in my email messages?
    If you added several email accounts on your phone, you need to change the signature in each account.
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    How do I receive or block group MMS?
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    Why can't recipients see or join the group MMS that I sent?
    Check whether your recipients have enabled Group messaging on their mobile devices. In the Messages app, tap > Settings > Multimedia messages (MMS) and make sure that Group Messaging is selected.

    Some devices or mobile operators may not support this feature.

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    How do I add a signature in my text messages?
    If you're using the HTC Messages app, here's how to add a signature.
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