Viewing photos in your social networks

Viewing photos in your social networks

Right in the Gallery app, check what you and your friends have uploaded to your social networks or photo sharing sites.

Important: Log on to your accounts and add them in Gallery before you start viewing online photos.
  1. Open the Gallery app.
  2. On the Gallery app's main screen, tap > Friends.
  3. Tap a social network account or photo sharing site.
    Tip: In social networks, to comment on a photo, press and hold a photo thumbnail and then tap Add comment.

Adding an online service

  1. In the Gallery app's Albums view, tap > Add online service.
  2. Tap the social network or photo sharing service that you want to add.

To remove a network or photo sharing service, on the Add online service screen tap the service name and then tap > Remove.

Removing an account does not remove accounts and information from the online service itself.

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