Sending a group message

Sending a group message

Group messaging makes it easy to send a message to multiple contacts all at once. You can choose to send a group SMS or group MMS.
Important: Group MMS may incur extra data fees.
  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Tap .
  3. Tap , and then select multiple recipients.
  4. To send a group SMS, make sure that Send as individual messages is selected. Clear this option to send your message as a group MMS.
    Group SMS Your message will be sent to the recipients as a text message and you will be charged by your mobile operator for each message sent. Replies of your recipients are sorted separately.
    Group MMS Similar to a group chat, sending a group MMS lets your recipients join the conversation you've started.

    HTC One X also organizes message replies in a single conversation thread. If this is your first time to send a group MMS, you may need to enter your mobile phone number.

  5. Tap the box that says Add text, then enter your message.
  6. Tap .

Top questions on group MMS

Why can't my recipients see or join the group MMS I sent to them?

Check whether your recipients have enabled Group messaging on their mobile devices. Some devices or mobile operators may not support this feature.

How do I receive or block group MMS?

In Message settings, tap Multimedia messages (MMS), and then turn Group Messaging on or off.

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