Your social networks

Your social networks

When you sign in to your social network accounts and authorize HTC Sense® to access them, you can:
  • Post status updates from the Home screen when using the Feeds view.
  • See your contacts and their status updates in People.
  • See photos in Gallery or on the Home screen.
  • Check your friends’ status updates and posts on the Home screen when using the Feeds view.
  • View events and reminders in Calendar.

Posting an update on your social network

You can easily post a status update from the Home screen.
  1. From the Feeds view, tap , and then choose a social network.
  2. Compose your status update and post it on your social network.

Where is the header?

The header contains icons for posting on social networks, searching feeds, and more.
If the icons don't show, you can do either of the following:
  • While browsing the first page of feeds, just pull down the screen.
  • While browsing succeeding pages, pull down and hold the screen. Wait for the icons to appear and then release your finger.
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