Choosing which calendars to show

Choosing which calendars to show

  1. In any calendar view, tap > Accounts (All calendars) or Accounts (Multi-calendar).
  2. Select or clear an account you wish to show or hide.

    If you have multiple calendars under an online account, tap to select the items to include.

  • Calendars are synced on HTC One X, even if they are hidden.
  • You can also show or hide tasks that you've created on HTC One X.

Why aren’t my calendar events showing up?

If you can't find events from your email accounts or social networks in Calendar, check whether the Calendar sync is turned on in Settings.

  1. Go to Settings, and then tap Account & sync.
  2. Tap an account type. If multiple accounts are supported (such as Exchange ActiveSync), tap the account you want to sync.
  3. Select Calendar, and then tap > Sync now.
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