Magnifying your phone's screen

Magnifying your phone's screen

If you're visually impaired or would just like to get a closer view of what's on the screen, use Magnification gestures to enlarge portions of your phone's screen.

Turning Magnification gestures on or off

  1. Go to Settings, and then tap Accessibility.
  2. Tap Magnification gestures, and then tap the On/Off switch to turn it on or off.

Using Magnification gestures

Important: Make sure that Magnification gestures is turned on in Settings to use this feature.
Triple-tap on any area of the screen that you want to magnify. You can:
  • Slide two fingers apart or together to adjust the magnification.
  • Drag two fingers to pan across the screen.

To exit magnification mode, open another app or triple-tap the screen again.

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