Sending a multimedia message (MMS)

Sending a multimedia message (MMS)

  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Tap .
  3. Enter a contact name, mobile number, or email address in the To field.
  4. Tap the box that says Add text, and then enter your message.
  5. Tap , and then choose an attachment type.
    Tip: Record videos with minimum resolution so you can reduce the file size of your attachments. In Camera settings, tap Video Quality > MMS.
  6. Select or browse for the item to attach.
  7. After adding an attachment, tap to see options for replacing, viewing or removing your attachment.
  8. Tap , or press to save the message as a draft.
Note: Depending on the resolution of your photo or video attachments, they may be displayed as cropped thumbnails in your multimedia message.

Creating a slideshow

  1. After you've added either a photo, video, or audio in the multimedia message you’re composing, tap > Slide.
  2. Choose where you want to insert the next slide.
  3. Right after adding a slide, do one of the following:
    • Tap , and then choose to add a photo or a video.
    • Tap > Audio to add music or a voice recording to a slide.
    • Tap Add text, and then enter your caption.
    • Tap to see options for replacing, viewing, or removing your attachment.
  4. Tap > Preview. Tap once on the preview screen to see playback controls.
  5. When finished, tap , or press to save the message as a draft.

Can't find your contacts' email addresses in Messages?

  1. If only phone numbers are showing up when you're entering a contact name, tap .
  2. Tap > Show Email.
To always show email addresses, in Message settings, tap General > Show email address.
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