Setting up a conference call

Setting up a conference call

Conference calling with your friends, family, or co-workers is easy. Make the first call (or accept a call), and then simply dial each subsequent call to add it to the conference.
Important: Make sure your micro SIM card is enabled with conference calling service. Contact your mobile operator for details.
  1. Make a call to the first conference call participant.
  2. When connected, tap > Add call, and then dial the number of the second participant. The first participant is put on hold.
  3. When connected to the second participant, tap .
  4. To add another participant, tap , and then dial the number of the contact.
  5. When connected, tap to add the participant to the conference call.
  6. To talk to a person in the conference call in private, tap and then select Private call.

To end the call with a participant, tap and then tap Finish this call.

To end the conference call, tap End Call.

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