• 1:
    What is AT&T Ready2Go?
    AT&T Ready2Go is a setup assistance application that allows you to configure your device on the Ready2Go website and push the settings to your phone. This is also the default option to set up your device if you have just purchased it or have performed a factory data reset.
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  • 2:
    What does the Car application do?
    HTC Car gives you quick access to music, maps, navigation, and phone dialer when you’re on a road trip. It works best with an HTC car kit accessory. Just mount your phone on the HTC car kit and the HTC Car panel automatically opens.

    To find out more about the HTC Car application and accessories, go to:

    For information about the official accessories released by HTC, please go to:
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  • 3:
    How do I stop applications from running in the background?
    Your device has three methods of managing memory and stopping running applications: - Recent apps – From any screen, tap the Recent apps key to display the applications currently running applications. Swipe any of these application references up to quickly end the task. - Task Manager – Tap the X icon next to the desired running app or tap Kill all to close all running apps. - Running Services a. From the Home screen, tap All apps. b. Tap Settings. c. Tap Apps. d. Tap Running. e. Tap the service you wish to close, and tap Stop.

    NOTE:There are important system processes available in the Running Services view, so be very careful to only stop processes that you recognize.
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  • 4:
    What is Play Music?
    Play Music allows you listen to music you have purchased through the Google Play Store or have uploaded to the Google Play Music service. You can also download content from the Play Music service to your device for offline listening, such as when on an airplane.
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  • 5:
    How do I share media from my device to my TV?
    Option 1: Media Link HD

    With the Media Link HD accessory, you can mirror your device display on your TV. Share pictures, movies, games and more – all in HD quality. All you need is a TV with an HDMI port and the HTC Media LInk HD adapter. To set up Media Link HD:

    Setting up the Media Link HD adapter: 1. Purchase the Media Link HD adapter from your carrier or other retailer. 2. Connect the provided USB cable to the Media Link HD. 3. Connect the USB cable to the provided power adapter and plug in to an electrical outlet. NOTE: If your TV has a USB port that supports power transfer, you can plug the USB cable directly into the TV instead of plugging it into an electrical outlet. 4. Connect the supplied HDMI cable to the Media Link HD and your TV. 5. On your TV, change the video input to the appropriate HDMI port.

    Connecting your device to the Media Link HD adapter: 1. Connect your device to your home Wi-Fi network. Ensure you have completed the steps above and the Media Link HD is powered on. 2. Use three fingers to swipe up on your device. 3. Follow the instructions to configure your device.

    Option 2: MHL adapter

    Another option to share content between your device and your TV is to use an MHL adapter. This accessory can be purchased through AT&T, and gives you a wired connection between your device and your TV. Connect the accessory to your device using microUSB and your TV using HDMI.

    Option 3: DLNA

    Connect your device to your home Wi-Fi network and instantly show your captured photos and videos on a supported big-screen TV, or start streaming your favorite music tracks on hi-fi speakers — all via DLNA®. For more information about DLNA, visit

    NOTE: The TV or other device must also support DLNA. See the manual or other documentation for your TV/device for more information.

    Before you share media through the network: - Connect your device to the network via Wi-Fi. - Connect the TV or speakers to the network. Check the documentation that came with your TV or speakers to know how.

  • Share media from Gallery or Music: 1. From the Home screen, tap All apps. 2. Tap the Gallery or Music application. 3. Locate the media that you want to share, and then tap it. 4. While viewing the photo or playing the song/video, tap Menu (Music) or More (Gallery). 5. Tap Select player. 6. Choose the device on your network where you want to play the media. 7. Once connected to the other device, your device opens up the Controller screen.
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  • 6:
    How do I listen to the music on my phone using my car stereo if my car does not have Bluetooth?
    With the Bluetooth Music Adapter, you can listen to music from your phone on your car stereo – without cables. Connect the Bluetooth Music Adapter to the AUX port on your car stereo, and then pair it with your device using Bluetooth. You can then play music stored on your phone, or stream from the internet if a connection is available.
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  • 7:
    Why are there two Messages applications?
    The first Messages application (white speech bubble icon) is the default SMS/MMS client.

    The other Messages application is AT&T Messages, which incorporates SMS, MMS, Visual voicemail and more. For more information on AT&T Messages, visit
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  • 8:
    What is HDR? When is it best to use HDR?
    HDR, short for High Dynamic Range, can bring out the details of both the highlights and shadows in your shots. Use HDR when capturing your subject in high contrast lighting, or when shooting in lowlight conditions.

    To find out more, go to the Overview page in this URL: Under How-tos, see Camera > Using HDR. You can also watch the video, "Capturing photos in backlight conditions".
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  • 9:
    What is Task Manager?
    Task Manager allows you to quickly view which applications are running in the background and how much memory each application is using. You can quickly end a running application by tapping the X button next to the application, or you can tap Kill all to stop all running applications.
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  • 10:
    How do I move music from a computer to the Phone memory in the device?
    1. Connect the device to your computer using the USB cable. 2. On the computer when the AutoPlay window appears, click Open open device to view files. 3. Copy and paste or drag and drop the file to/from the Removable Disk folder to another folder on your computer.

    For a more robust solution, you may download the HTC Sync Manager application, which will scan the music and picture libraries on your computer and allow you to synchronize the desired files.
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  • 11:
    How do I take a photo with HDR for best result?
    Set the camera scene to HDR, then just tap the onscreen shutter button. The camera of your HTC phone will take three shots at different exposure levels and combine them into one enhanced photo. It’s best that your subject stay still and your hand is steady when you’re taking photos with HDR.

    To find out more, go to the Overview page in this URL: Under How-tos, see Camera > Using HDR. You can also watch the video, "Capturing photos in backlight conditions".
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  • 12:
    How do I enable automatic updating for my applications?
    1. From the home screen, tap All apps. 2. Tap Play Store. 3. Tap the Menu icon. 4. Tap My Apps. 5. Tap the application you want to automatically update, and then tap to check Allow automatic updating.
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  • 13:
    How do I switch between running applications?
    Tap the Recent apps key from any screen to show the recently accessed programs, and then tap the icon for the program you want to bring back into view.
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  • 14:
    What is myAT&T?
    myAT&T allows you to log into your AT&T account and view your usage statistics, monthly bill, features and more.
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  • 15:
    What is Google+?
    Google+ is a social network service offered by Google and is linked to your Google account. Organize your friends into "Circles", socialize, post pictures &videos, have video chat "Hangouts" with friends and more. For more information, visit

    You can also enable Instant Upload, which will upload all pictures you take with the camera on your HTC smartphone to a private folder on your Google+ account. You can then choose which pictures you want to share with your friends.
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  • 16:
    I have taken a picture or video and would now like to send it to my friend, how can I do that?
    Once you have captured the image, tap Share, select how you want to send the image (Facebook, Twitter, etc), and then follow the prompts.

    If the camera has returned to the viewfinder, or you are viewing a picture from the Gallery, tap anywhere on the picture to display the available options including Share.
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  • 17:
    How do I set my music as ringtone?
    1. Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap Settings > Personalize. 2. On the Sound tab, tap Sound set. 3. Choose a sound set you want to customize, or create a new one. 4. Change the ringtone, notification sound, or alarm from the Personalize screen.
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  • 18:
    What is Play Store?
    Play Store (formerly known as Android Market) offers multiple different content types for users to download: - Free and paid apps - Music - Books - Movies - Magazines

    When downloading content from Play Store, be aware that the offered content has not been tested by HTC or your mobile operator and that all Play Store application support is the responsibility of the Developer of that application; not HTC or your mobile operator.

    To download content from Play Store, you will need an active Google account (Gmail username/password). If a Google account has not been set up when you first access Play Store, you will be prompted to set one up before continuing.
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  • 19:
    What is Downloads?
    Downloads is an interface where you can quickly access files you have downloaded from the internet. To switch the sorting method to more easily locate your files, press Menu and select Sort by size or Sort by time.
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  • 20:
    What is Personalize?
    Personalize gives you all of the options to customize your device’s look, feel and sound. Build scenes, set skins, wallpapers, ringtones and more.
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  • 21:
    How do I install applications that are not from Play Store?
    To enable installation of applications that are not from Play Store, you must first enable applications from unknown sources. 1. From the Home screen, tap All apps. 2. Tap Settings. 3. Tap Security. 4. Tap to check Unknown sources. Once this is enabled, install the application as directed by the developer’s Web site.
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  • 22:
    What is AT&T Navigator?
    AT&T Navigator is a subscription GPS service that allows you to find locations, get turn-by-turn directions, traffic alerts, and more. For more information about AT&T Navigator, visit You can subscribe to AT&T Navigator using the application on your device, or by contacting AT&T.
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  • 23:
    What is Latitude?
    Latitude allows you to see your friend’s location on a map. You can track who is going where as long as they have added you to their latitude list. Select your friends for real time updates of their locations.
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  • 24:
    What is YPmobile?
    YPmobile is the mobile app for With this app, you can look up businesses, read reviews and more based on your location.

    NOTE: YP requires GPS to be turned ON.
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  • 25:
    How do I set up the Weather widget so that my local weather information is displayed?
    In order to have the Weather information update automatically as you change locations, the Location setting needs to be enabled for GPS. You are prompted to select this option during the initial set up of the device. If need be, these settings can also be manually changed:

    1. From the Home screen, tap All apps. 2. Tap Settings. 3. Tap Location. 4. Tap to check GPS Satellites.
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  • 26:
    What is Notes?
    Use Notes to type quick notes, record voice notes, create drawings, and attach files such as music and video. Back up your notes by syncing with an Evernote account.
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  • 27:
    What is Live TV?
    AT&T U-verse Live TV allows you to watch news, sports, weather, and entertainment video clips right from your device. For further information, visit

    NOTE: This application uses a large amount of data.
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  • 28:
    How can I set a picture as my wallpaper?
    1. Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap Settings > Personalize. 2. On the Display tab, tap Wallpaper. 3. Tap Gallery and choose from your photos. Or choose from HTC wallpapers. 4. Tap Save or Apply.
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  • 29:
    How do I disable continuous shooting?
    If you prefer not to have continuous shooting enabled:

    1. From the Camera app, tap the Settings icon. 2. Tap Continuous shooting. 3. Tap to uncheck Continuous shooting.
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  • 30:
    What is Gmail?
    The Gmail application is used to manage the email associated to the default Google account on your device, and is designed to have many of the same features as the Gmail website. Once you have set up your default Google account, this application will automatically be configured.

    NOTE: You can set up additional Gmail accounts in the Gmail or Mail application, however you will not have the same feature set as is available for your default account.
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  • 31:
    What is Device Help?
    Device Help is a shortcut that displays the device tutorial from the AT&T website in a web browser.
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  • 32:
    What options are available in the Clock application?
    Clock gives you access to multiple useful utilities, such as World Clock, Alarm Clock, Stopwatch and Timer. You can switch between these utilities using the icons at the bottom of the screen.
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  • 33:
    How do I uninstall applications that I downloaded to the device?
    1. From the Home screen, tap All apps. 2. Tap Settings. 3. Tap Apps. 4. On the Downloaded tab, tap on the application that you wish to uninstall.
  • 5. Tap Uninstall.
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  • 34:
    How do I extend continuous shooting to capture more than 20 pictures at a time?
    To allow the Continuous shooting feature to capture more than 20 pictures at a time:

    1. From the Camera app, tap the Settings icon. 2. Tap Continuous shooting. 3. Tap to uncheck Limit to 20 frames. You may now capture up to 60 pictures at a time using Continuous shooting.
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  • 35:
    How do I enable or disable the automatic preview of my captured pictures?
    1. From the Camera app, tap the Settings icon. 2. Tap Review duration. 3. Tap the desired option: No review/3 seconds/5 seconds/No limit
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  • 36:
    How do I Troubleshoot a Play Store Connection?
    If applications are stuck in a "Starting Download" state when installing from the Play Store, the connection with the service may need to be restored. 1. Open the Phone dialer. 2. Enter *#*#checkin#*#* 3. The dialer entry will become blank, and then you should receive a notification in the notification bar confirming the connection. 4. Return to the Play store and the applications should begin downloading as normal.
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  • 37:
    What is Tasks?
    Access and manage your tasks from synchronized accounts such as Microsoft Exchange, or create your own tasks specific to the phone.
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  • 38:
    What is Play Books?
    Play Books (formerly Google Books) allows you to read e-books you have purchased through the Google Play Store. Books are stored in the cloud by default, but can also be downloaded for offline reading, such as when on an airplane.
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  • 39:
    What is YouTube?
    The YouTube application gives you access to YouTube video content, specially formatted for your Android device. You can access your YouTube channel by pressing the Menu key, tapping My channel and then logging in using your Google or YouTube account.
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  • 40:
    What is Twitter?
    This is the official Twitter application. View, post, or reply to tweets and more.
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