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    I have downloaded a document from an email attachment and now I can’t find it. What can I do?
    While files downloaded from the web are stored in the Downloads folder, documents from email attachments are not. To locate these files later, there are several options available: - Search for the email again and tap on the attachment icon. Since the attachment was already downloaded, it will open without needing to download again. - If you will need to frequently access documents downloaded as attachments, install an app from Play store that will then be available in All apps. - Install a file manager app from Play store, which will allow you to browse the contents of your device storage.
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    Why can't I view some attachments?
    Some attachments may not be supported by the device. If your attachment is not recognized, you may browse the Play Store to find programs that may support the file type you would like to view.
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    Can I view all my emails from multiple email accounts on one screen?
    Yes, the device has the ability to switch to all mail view. In the Mail application, tap the account drop-down list on the top of your screen, and tap All accounts.
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    Can I set up more than one Gmail account on my device?
    You may add more than one Google Account on your device using the Gmail or Mail application. However, subsequent Google Accounts can only synchronize Gmail email and contacts. Other Google services, such as Android Market and Google Talk, use the first Google Account you set up on the device.
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    My SMS/MMS are deleting themselves, what can I do?
    SMS/MMS messages may appear to delete themselves if the Delete old messages setting is enabled. To check this setting:

    1. From the All messages screen, tap Menu. 2. Tap Settings. 3. Tap General. 4. Tap to check or uncheck Delete old messages.

    If this option is checked, you can then edit the storage limits for text messages and multimedia messages.If unchecked, your messages will only start to delete if your total available memory starts to run out.
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    How do I edit my e-mail signature?
    You can set a unique signature for each of your email accounts in the Mail application by doing the following:

    1. From the Mail application, tap the account name at the top of the screen and select the email account for which you wish to set a signature. 2. Tap Menu. 3. Tap Settings. 4. Tap General Settings. 5. Tap to check Use Signature. 6. Tap Signature. 7. Edit your signature and tap Save.

    The configured signature will be automatically added to the end of each new message you compose using the selected account.
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    How many email accounts can my device support?
    Your device can support one primary Gmail account, multiple Exchange accounts, and up to 10 POP3/IMAP4 accounts.
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    How do I change the font size for my email?
    1. From Home screen, press the All apps button. 2. Tap Mail. 3. Select the email account you would like to edit. 4. Tap Menu. 5. Tap Settings 6. Tap General Settings. 7. Tap Mail body font size. 8. Select the desired font size from the list.
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    What types of email does my device support?
    This device supports Gmail, POP, IMAP, and Microsoft Exchange email.
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    My email account setup is failing, or I am being asked for additional information. What can I do?
    While most email accounts will configure automatically, some may not be known by your device. If your setup fails, or you reach a screen requiring additional information, check with your email provider for the information required to setup your email account. You may need to know the correct SMTP/POP3/IMAP/Exchange settings, and may also need to find out the security type, ports, and if any domain names are needed as part of the username.
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    How long does it take for email to sync?
    It may take several minutes for a sync to complete, depending on how many new or changed contacts, appointments, and emails you have.  The notification bar on the home screen will display two arrows in a circle while syncing is underway.
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    Why are messages marked as read when checking my Exchange Server email?
    Your Exchange Server may have settings, which by default, mark emails retrieved from your device as read. Please contact your system administrator to find out what settings your Exchange Server uses.
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    How do I send a meeting request from my device?
    To send a meeting request using the Exchange ActiveSync account:

    1. From the Mail application, make sure your Exchange ActiveSync account is selected. 2. Tap Menu. 3. Tap New meeting invitation. 4. Enter the meeting details and then tap Save.

    The meeting request will be sent to all contacts and email addresses entered in the To field.
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