Browsing the Web

Browsing the Web

  1. From the Home screen, tap > Internet.
  2. If the webpage is in fullscreen mode, flick down the screen to quickly show the URL box and other options.
    Tip: To hide the status bar when browsing, tap > Settings > General, and then select Fullscreen.
  3. Tap the URL box on top of the screen.
  4. Enter your search keywords or a webpage address.
  5. On the webpage, you can:
    • Tap a link to open it, or press and hold a link to see more options.
    • Tap an email address to send a message to the email address.

Switching to Read mode

Want to read an article or blog without distractions? Read mode removes menus, banners, and backgrounds from a webpage.
While viewing a webpage, tap (when it's available) to switch to Read mode. You will stay in Read mode even if you browse other pages that are in the website.
Note: To turn Read mode off, tap

Viewing the full version of a website

While viewing a webpage, tap > View desktop site.

Opening or switching between browser tabs

Open multiple browser tabs to make it easier for you to switch from one website to another.

  1. While viewing a webpage, tap Tabs.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To open a new tab, tap New tab.
    • To switch to another browser tab, slide your finger until the webpage you want to view appears. Tap a webpage to display it in full screen.
      Tip: Tap to close a webpage.

Viewing previously visited pages

You can go back to the pages you've previously visited without opening another tab or going through your history.
While viewing a webpage, tap > Back or Forward.
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