Receiving information using Bluetooth

Receiving information using Bluetooth

HTC One V lets you receive various files with Bluetooth, including photos, music tracks, contact info, calendar events, and documents such as PDFs.
Important: Refer to the device’s documentation for instructions on sending information over Bluetooth.
  1. Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap .
  2. If Bluetooth is off, tap the Bluetooth On/Off switch to turn it on.
  3. Tap Bluetooth. The Bluetooth screen opens.
  4. Tap the HTC One V Bluetooth name near the top of the screen to make HTC One V visible to nearby Bluetooth devices.
  5. On the sending device, send one or more files to HTC One V.
  6. If asked, accept the pairing request on HTC One V and on the receiving device. Also, you may be prompted to enter the same passcode or confirm the auto-generated passcode on both devices.

    You'll then get a Bluetooth authorization request.

  7. Tap Pair.
  8. When HTC One V receives a file transfer request notification, slide the Notifications panel down, tap the incoming file notification, and then tap Accept.
  9. When a file is transferred, a notification is displayed. Slide the Notifications panel down, and then tap the relevant notification.

When you open a received file, what happens next depends on the file type:

  • Media files and documents are usually opened directly in a compatible app. For example, if you open a music track, it starts playing in the Music app.
  • For a vCalendar file, choose the calendar where you want to save the event, and then tap Import. The vCalendar is added to your Calendar events.
  • For a vCard contact file, you can choose to import one, several, or all of those contacts to your contacts list.
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