Connecting HTC One V to a computer

Connecting HTC One V to a computer

Whenever you connect HTC One V to a computer using the USB cable, the Choose a connection type screen opens and lets you choose the type of USB connection.
Select one of the following choices, and then tap Done:
Charge only Select this option if you only want to charge the battery while connected to your computer.
Disk drive This mode is available only when there’s a storage card installed on HTC One V. Select this mode when you want to copy files between the storage card and your computer.

When Disk drive mode is enabled while HTC One V is connected to the computer, you will not be able to use apps on HTC One V to access the storage card.

HTC Sync Manager Select this option to sync media and your data such as contacts, calendar, bookmarks, and other information between your computer and HTC One V.

Download and install HTC Sync Manager, when available, from our website. Or in the meantime, download and use the latest version of HTC Sync to sync your media and data.

Media sync Select this mode if you want to:
  • Sync media between your phone and a multimedia app on your computer such as Windows Media Player. You can sync media to the phone storage, storage card, or both.
  • Access the contents of both the phone storage and storage card from your computer. You can copy files from or to these storages.
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