Ways of backing up files, data, and settings

Ways of backing up files, data, and settings

Worried that you might lose important stuff on HTC One SV? Back up HTC One SV before you erase the storage, do a factory reset, or upgrade to a new phone.

HTC Backup

Use the built-in HTC Backup to back up your accounts, apps, settings, and more to the cloud so that it will be easier to restore them on HTC One SV (after a factory reset) or newer phone. For details, see .

HTC Sync Manager

Use HTC Sync Manager to import music, photos, and videos from HTC One SV to your computer.

You can also sync locally stored contacts, calendar events, bookmarks, and playlists between HTC One SV and your computer. You can even back up text messages, call history, contacts, and other content to HTC Sync Manager so you can restore them to the same phone or another phone later.

For details, see About HTC Sync Manager.

Other backup options

If you want, you can separately back up your data or files.

In some apps, you can back up data to the storage on the phone so you can easily restore them after a factory reset.

Important: If you're backing up data to the storage, don't choose to erase the storage when you do a factory reset.
Messages Back up your text messages to the storage on the phone, or save them as an email attachment.
  • Save contacts and other personal data to your online accounts so you can just sync them when switching to another phone.
  • If you have locally stored contacts in the People app, export them to the storage on the phone.
  • Manually copy and paste files by connecting HTC One SV to your computer as a disk drive.
  • Upload files to online storage and services.
Other data
  • If you added new words to your personal dictionary in the onscreen keyboard, back up the dictionary to the storage or save it as an email attachment.
  • Check the other apps to see if they support exporting data to the storage.
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